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About Us

IIMRO has its origins in the long struggle by Donegal island fishermen for recognition of their rights following the offshore ban on salmon fishing in 2006. This was followed by a ban on all net fishing in Area VIa in 2008 which added further pressure to fragile island communities.

Low Impact Fishers of Europe
Northwestern Waters Advisory Council
Comhdháil Oileáin na hÉireann

Since then the fishermen have met with their counterparts on all of the Irish islands in order to organise as a national organisation. They have taken their campaign to Europe and back home to Dublin in order to highlight the effects of one size fits all legislation has had across the islands of Ireland.

IIMRO collaborates with groups from across Europe and Ireland and are working to implement recognition of small offshore islands in the new EU Common Fisheries Policy which came about largely as a result of our work in Europe:

“Small offshore islands which are dependent on fishing should where appropriate, be especially recognised and supported in order to enable them to survive and prosper in the future.”

The Regions
IIMRO represents islanders from Counties Donegal, Mayo, Galway and Cork.

Joint Oireachtas Committee, Jerry Early

Our Work

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IIMRO continues to organise and mobilise those involved in the marine sector across the offshore islands of Ireland. This will ensure they play a central role in the sustainable management of their marine resources.

Dáil Éireann
The Oireachtas, its committees and state agencies have a key role in developing policies which govern the maritime sector around our islands. IIMRO works with all of these to ensure that island communities have a sustainable future.

EU Parliament
IIMRO works with our partner organisations such as the European Small Island Network (ESIN) and Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) to influence policy at a European level. IIMRO are members of the EU Northwestern Waters Advisory Council where we represent our members on a wide range of issues.

Current Priorities
Joint Oireachtas Report on Promoting Sustainable Rural Coastal and Island Communities
IIMRO are working hard in asking our elected members to implement the recommendations of this Dáil report and have prioritised three key recommendations for immediate action:

Heritage License Bill
Fishery Co-managed Areas
Social welfare reform for share fishermen

Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
The special recognition for island communities dependant on fishing in the CFP remains a top priority for IIMRO. The challenge is getting it adopted by the Irish government and agencies so that it can be resourced by the EU to deliver on the ground for island communities.

IIMRO continues to work with island communities and friends of the islands to ensure their views are represented at all levels across the marine sector.

Contact Us

Contact your nearest regional representative to raise an issue or for more info on the work of IIMRO

Chairman: Jerry Early, Árainn Mhór.
Secretary: Séamus Bonner
John O Brien, Inis Bó Finne.

County Mayo
James O Toole, Clare Island.
Eddie O Malley, Clare Island

Co. Galway
Mary Lavelle, Inishbofin
Enda Conneely, Inis Oírr

Co. Cork
John Walsh, Bere Island
Aisling Moran, Sherkin Island

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